Why would I want to syndicate?

Syndication offers brokers the opportunity to automatically share their listing data far and wide. With very little effort, listing information is pushed to a vast and powerful network of websites visited by thousands of people every day. This network of websites dramatically increases the exposure of listings, which means more leads and therefore more opportunities to get buyer and seller together and complete the transaction.

Why wouldn’t I want to syndicate?

Brokers who decide not to syndicate do so, generally, because they don’t like the way outside websites handle their listing data. Some websites only display certain parts of the listing information, or the listings they display aren’t updated often enough – sometimes appearing available when they’re actually off-market. Some websites don’t openly display the listing broker or agent’s name or contact information.

There are a variety of reasons some brokers choose not to syndicate, but the bottom line is almost always related to how their data is handled once its shared beyond the MLS.

Do I have to syndicate?

No. As a broker, the decision to syndicate is completely up to you. You have total control over your own listing information. It’s your intellectual property and you have the option to choose when, where and how your listing data is shared via syndication, if at all.

How do I opt out of syndication?

Syndication within the MLS is handled by the MRED Syndication Dashboard. This tool will let the managing broker opt-in/opt-out of MRED controlled feeds.

It's important to know that your firm is automatically opt-in to the Realtor.com and RPR MRED controlled feeds and automatically opt-out to all others.

Syndication within the MLS can also be handled at the listing level. Use the "Internet Listing" field inside connectMLS™ to indicate 'Y' or 'N' in regards to syndication.

How much does syndication cost?

Syndication within connectMLS™ is free but may require a subscription on the third pary site depending on which portal you select.

Prices vary when it comes to third-party vendors. ListHub, for example, offers a free service but charges a fee for reports on traffic and other analytics collected through their network.

Is ListHub the only option for syndicating?

No, there are a number of other options for syndicating. Brokers may syndicate listing-by-listing with services such as KSL, Craigslist and Postlets. Click here for a list and description of each syndication option.

If I want to syndicate my listing data, how do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Use the "Internet Listing" field inside connectMLS™ to indicate which portal to syndicate with.

It’s also important to remember that you may use any combination of these methods outside the MLS. And you are not limited to just ListHub or any other single option to get your listings out on the Internet.

If you want to use the free ListHub tool as your syndication method, you’ll want to start with these quick video tutorials:

ListHub: How To Register On ListHub

ListHub: Quick Start Tutorial

For more information about getting started with syndication, just contact the MRED Help Desk - We’re ready to help (630) 955-2755