The first step to getting the most out of syndication is becoming well versed in all things related to syndicating your listing data.

This website is full of information and resources to get you well on your way to becoming an expert syndicator.

We encourage you to ask us about the MLS’s policies and tools to be sure you have all the information as you navigate the process, both as you get started and down the road. We’re here for you!


One major way to begin making good syndication decisions would be to do your own independent research. Here are some ideas:


Become acquainted with your company’s policy on syndication. Unless you’re an independent broker/owner, your company most likely has established a position on the syndication of listing data to outside real estate portals. If you’re completely new to the world of syndication, start your research by understanding what others within your organization are saying and doing.


What better resource for your own syndication research than people who actually use these real estate websites? Talk to friends or family members outside the real estate industry. Find someone who has recently bought or sold a home and ask about their experience with using online resources.

Find out which websites they visited. Get a feel for which websites they went back to most often, which they trusted, which they didn’t and why. We all know the large national sites are very popular, but so are many local portals. Your clients may have valuable advice on which portals mattered most to them. Their answers may surprise you. Talking to your friends and family about their experiences may cause you to rethink your assumptions about how consumers view real estate information online.


Take a few minutes and pretend you’re shopping for a home of your own.

Get out on the Internet and approach the process of home shopping online as if you were the consumer.
Visit lots of different websites, run lots of searches and keep track of what you see – the good, the bad and the ugly. When you search for property on some of these sites by area or by neighborhood, how hard is it to find what you’re really after?

Try searching for the same exact property from site-to-site.

  • How is the data presented from one site to the other?
  • Is it easy or hard to find the listing agent’s name and contact info?
  • Is the layout of the page easy to read or confusing?
  • Is the user interface overloaded with ads?
  • Does the site look clean and modern or like it was built in 1995?

Finally, try submitting a contact form for more information on a listing and see what happens next.

  • Where does your contact information end up?
  • How long does it take for someone to get back to you?
  • Did the listing agent call you or someone else?
Going undercover and pretending to be a consumer for a little while can be very revealing. Seeing the world of real estate property searches from your client’s view will make you a better syndicator for sure.